Advocacy Kits

Advocates & Public Safety Servants can customize their own unique safety awareness & research campaigns.

Vulnerable Person Advocate Non-Profits and Public Safety Servants Custom Branding; Example Kit (advocates can custom brand WhistleDrive ™ with content for USB, Mobile & Online Public Safety Campaigns & Research).


(this file has been scanned for viruses, trojans, malware & adware and tested 100 % clean and can be installed safely on any computer running the Microsoft Windows OS. 

This Very Unique Whistle Opens to A Flash drive, . . . 

The Flash Drive  provides a more private and secure gateway to the specific features and date included in the Public Safety Tools; the synergistic Software Suite designed to educate and promote citizen to citizen alerts on events, businesses, facilities, professionals and persons whom present public safety risks.

Tools include:

  • CITIZEN SAFETY MAPS a proximity-based perpetrator alert system which tactically profiles alerts with user submitted evidence.
  • AEGIS REPORTS ™ a streamlined quantitative and qualitative
    documentation and diagramming system used for profiling Public Safety Threats.
  • SHERLOCK AI ™a researcher trained Artificial Intelligent
    data curator that scans the internet for public information relevant to
    researcher programmed regional public safety threats
  • WHISTLEFEILD ™ a Whistle-blowing Field-data convergence
    Mobile App designed to document public safety threats as they occur, when where
    and how they occur using your cell technology to gather actual evidence of
    civil violations and crimes. Data then is submitted to the WHISTLECLOUD ™ a
    secure password protected data repository where public safety threats are
    analyzed using AEGIS REPORTS ™, SHERLOCK AI ™
    and data tactically placed  on the
    Citizen Safety Maps

The WHISTLEDRIVE ™ can be customized for law enforcement allowing them direct access to citizen compiled reports and evidence. Additionally  advocate service non-profits can be brand the WhistleDrive to each affiliated organization whose goal it is to stop abuse and track fraud, negligence, malpractice, negligence, business, facility or professional violations in the interests of public safety. Research organizations can gain access to back end APIs and other data complied from the growing number of citizen movements and transparency organizations.