• Mental Illness (Cause-Effect Civic/Criminal Violations of Cluster B Disorders),
  • Overcrowded Civil Courts,
  • Professional Malpractice (blue & white-collar crimes),
  • Failure of Policing of Criminal Matters by Incorrectly Reporting them as Civil Matters  in  need of Lawyers and Costly,  Non-effective Re Victimizing Civic Remedies,
  • Public Naivety, Denial, Apathy & Lack of Unity,
  • No or Lack of Consequences for Initial & Repeat Offenders.


  • Citizen to Citizen (C2C) Reporting & Alerts,
  • Collective Education & Unity,
  • Preemptive Technological Resources,
  • Legislative Reforms & Increased Mandatory MH Counseling,
  • Specialized Courts & Greater Freedom for Court of Public Opinion/Public Policy & Public Monitoring, Citizen Posting of Perpetrator Alerts with Evidence,
  • Creative Consequences for Offenders Such as Their Paying Increased Taxes to Alleviate Burdens they Consistently Perpetrate on Tax Payers. Incarceration is only a solution after all else fails.