WhistleCloud ™

Free Cloud Data Transfer Service

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If you require your own private repository access with secure a password, WhistleDrive Crypto secure scheduled updates or additional instructions please fill in the form below. You may use an anonymous name or your real name. 

If you would like to use an anonymous email to keep your identity and source of information untraceable we suggest setting up a free email account at Anonymous Speech  or any of the 20 anonymous emails services listed in this article .

Volunteer public safety researchers must have a valid email to contact you in order to send your password to provide you access to the Cloud Data Transfer server, once all your files are transferred, they will be deleted  from the data-transfer Cloud and you can delete your untraceable email account after you receive confirmation from an researcher or advocate that your data transferred successfully.

Imagine an online fraud education & research center 

WhistleCloud ™ is a free cloud service and central data repository providing educational resources specific to white-collar crimes and corrective Federal Acts, Statutory Code, FCC, CFR, CMS, IRS, SSA  code, civil breaches, professional ethics violations and many other regulatory and compliance  rules.



WhistleCloud ™ is the data curating component of the VP Task Force ™  public safety tool suite, The  platform data can be accessed, shared and exchanged via  theWhistleField ™ data conveyance mobile application technology, tablets  and desktop computers so the public, advocate researchers and programmers can better identify trends in fraud and related white-collar crimes and  collusion networks. 

The WhistleField ™ & WhistleCloud ™  app and cloud repository both work in unison with CITIZEN SAFETYMAPS ™, advocate researchers, and programmers utilizing tools such as Sherlock AI ™, and Aegis Reports ™  create an on and offline  social safety technology where  documentary & testamentary evidence, videos, photographs and recordings are shared thus permitting investigative analysis which can then  trigger necessary alerts, inform the public with  relevant regional specific educational information, proximity based warnings and facilitate the convergence of evidence necessary for white-collar violations and related crime reporting.