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Vulnerable Person Predators; Exploitation Flow Diagram of Professionals & Processes in Probate Court Racket.
How Crony-Aligned Professionals Use Legal Documents & Litigation to Abuse Fiduciary Law, Seniors and Exploit Their Estates In Rigged Probate System. Elder abuse, exploitation and negligence occurs because there is no enforcement of the many elder protection Statutes & Uniform codes, this includes no mandatory reporting, no enforcement by police, prosecutors and Probate courts do not enforce laws.
1 Elder person becomes physical ill, frail and/or memory impaired requires caregiver. Family or friend take over as caretakers, exploit physically-cognitively impaired elder. This includes physical dependencies driving, food, shelter providing/denying medical necessities this can also include exploiting an elder’s serious or life-threatening substance abuse dependencies (alcohol). Courts/Law enforcement could consider these matters as psychological logical and physical abuse. In many States Courts/Law enforcement rarely enforce elder, abuse, exploitation or negligence Statutes Law Enforcement Guide, WHO Research
2 New Estate Planning Attorney & POA(s) Elder's Caregiver arranges for new attorney to meet with senior and arranges to be their Durable Power of Attorney and health care proxy. Estate Planning attorney may also have senior sign a limited financial power of attorney with the Estate planer as agent. Estate planning attorney will actually act for the benefit of the caretaker and begin senior’s asset transfers and will changes to favor the caretaker/POA(s). This includes the caretaker gaining access to This is against Uniform POA Act, and ABA Model Rules. against Uniform POA Act, and ABA Model Rules
3 Predators repeating defamation of elder's family/friends trying to protect Senior as means to transfer elders perceived trust, acquiesce to their control and transfer of assets to those in new authority positions. Defamation, harassment & intimidation of the elder’s formally trusted confidants includes blame shifting by the new authorities over the senior, this is a scapegoating technique used to create false justification for new POAs. Attorney, etc. to transfer assets from senior’s estates to themselves and isolate senior from those whom try to help protect vulnerable person. Family/friends trying to help the senior through litigation will go broke because probate courts, police and State bars do not enforce laws, perpetrator network will often get restraining orders placed on those trying to help elder & they will drive them away via harassment & threats. Probate courts typically do not allow due process for false accusations. Probate judge may decide not to enforce mediation agreements in G-C litigation. Elder Exploitation Predators: Dark Triad Personalities
4 New Doctor & Healthcare services Major warning sign is when new caretaker/POA change elder person’s doctor. A seniors long established doctor is often the first offence against physical, mental and undue influence abuse. If anew doctor is in professional crony aligned exploitation network, they can conceal material facts on medical condition and cover for the abusive caretaker & other professionals.
5 Living Trust provision transfer seniors assets to Caregiver, trust interplay changes disinherits caregivers rivals
6 POA/Trustee(s) Stealing with assistance of Elder victims Estate Planning Attroney drafting POAs, Trust & Wills
7 Neocognitive Evaluation Concealment of medical records & serious health complications
8 Guardianship/Conservatorship Litigation in Probate Court
9 Probate Court (Guardian/Conservatorship Litigation Typically Occurs in Probate Court) Probate court is informal. State Statutes, Federal Acts & Uniform code are often not enforced. Established mediated agreements to help protect the senior from abuse, exploitation or negligence do not have to be followed or enforced.
10 Court Visitor – social workers Concealment of medical records & serious health complications
11 Physicians Declaration Concealment of medical records & serious health complications
12 Mediation Concealment of medical records & serious health complications
13 “In network” Guardian/Conservator Collusion
14 Seniors Estates completely pilfered through theft, fraud, gifting and “in-network” Professional fees